Claire Haugrel, founder


Stemming from my passion for music and from a compelling desire to promote the musicians I love and believe in, the Artists Agency Da Capo has been set up with a dual mission:  To produce  concerts and to assist artists in the management of their careers.

The Da Capo Agency thus pursues two lines of action.  It strives to inject new dynamism into concerts.  It seeks to give a new impetus to the relationship between existing structures and musicians.

With an open-minded attitude and a constant attention to fostering creativity, the Da Capo Agency aims at serving both the Concert Halls which welcome its “protégés” and the musicians themselves.  It also produces its own musical seasons which further enhance its stature.

“Music takes away hatred in those who are without love. It gives peace to those who are restless, consoles those who mourn.”
Pablo Casals – Artist, Composer, Cellist (1876 – 1973)